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October 24 2017

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What is a Christine Jorgensen

Tfw nazis literally burnt Hirschfeld’s (sp?) papers so we wouldn’t be in the history books

Like I wanna be really clear. Hirschfeld was literally moving to a depathologized explanation of trans women (inversion as variance not defect) and was advocating for providing trans women with HRT and surgery, all the while treat numerous trans women with hormones, in the early 1930s. Berlin had a thriving trans and gay community you have never heard of because the nazis destroyed it and the systematically erased evidence of it.

It’s not that trans women have only existed the last thirty years, it’s that you have been intentionally denied knowledge of our history by reactionaries who want to see us dead.

In 1946 renowned new zealander Harold Gilles preformed the first FtM sex reassignment surgeries.

1946. A lot longer than 30 years ago.

In 1951 he was able to preform the opposite, pioneering techniques for those who were transitioning from male to female.

So anyone who says its only 30 years… should look to a local plastic surgeon and ask about Mr Gilles.

  • 1812  – James Miranda Barry graduated from the Medical School of Edinburgh University as a doctor. Barry went on to serve as an army surgeon working overseas. Barry lived as a man but was found to be female-bodied upon his death in 1865.
  • 1932  – The News of the World published a story, ‘Amazing Change of Sex’, about a trans man from Sussex who transitioned ‘from Margery to Maurice’. Colonel Sir Victor Barker DSO (1895 - 1960) married Elfrida Haward in Brighton. Barker’s birth sex (female) is later revealed and the marriage is consequently annulled….
  • 1936  – A 30-year-old British athletic champion, Mark Weston of Plymouth, transitioned from female to male. The story appeared in some national newspapers, including the News of the World (31 May 1936). The reportage was accurate and sensitive. In the words of L. R. Broster, the Harley Street surgeon who treated him, ‘Mark Weston, who has always been brought up as a female, is a male and should continue to live as such’.

There is some debate on James Barry but I still think this is relevant. All of these taken from wikipedia timeline of LGBT history. (I had a look a few months ago out of curiosity.)

also, the goddess Ishtar had trans priestesses known as the Assinnu (they castrated themselves, went by female pronouns, and wore female garb, and basically by any possible definition were trans women) and that’s WAY the fuck back in the BC’s

Africa stares in Neolithic

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taliesin’s VtM one-shot





Phantom of the Opera but with lesbians

sign me the fuck up

Will Takarazuka Revue’s all-female production of Yeston and Kopit’s Phantom suffice?



Critical Role and Queer Perspective


There’s a little Critical Role analysis I’ve been thinking about that probably won’t fit in my thesis, mostly because it’s too narrow in scope. I wanted to talk about it, though, because it’s been one of the most interesting transitions to watch in terms of how the show thinks about its queer characters.

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#my favorite Tom Cruise role ever

#turning a small child into a vampire so your lover will be forced to co-parent with you and won’t leave you: get on Lestat’s level

I keep waiting for a gay vampire movie but then i remember Interview with a Vampire happened and literally it cannot get any more homoerotic camp than Brad Pitt being all “omfg I’m reborn as a denizen of hell” while Tom Cruise basically serenades him with the music of the night 

My first vampire movie I fell in love with 😍💕💕

remember kids, there was once a point in time when vampires were cool.



y’all out here in 2017 saying ‘spoopy’ on some thin ice with god

Look if you have another word that perfectly captures the concept of “horror flavored but specifically in a way that is intended to be silly and not actually scary, that also evokes a strong feeling of nostalgia associated with childhood experiences of Halloween” I’m all ears motherfucker.

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Because fox are paid nazi lovers

Isn’t that illegal for them to do? I’m pretty sure they’re legally required to blur things like that

If you write emergency numbers/lawyer numbers on your arm during a protest in case of arrest (this is a common practice) MAKE SURE THE NUMBER IS COVERED AND NOT VISIBLE. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. They are going to do this again and again.


All genders are valid



how do you say sorry not sorry in japanese




When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


The longer that gif went on, the more I laughed/cried. 

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femme lady knights in shining armor saving their butch princesses……….. smash that like button if u agree………………

i didn’t realize this took off but clarification that this includes trans ladies

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i can’t believe all the people losing their shit over this post are the same people who make ‘triggered’ jokes.

Here’s the thing.

If you at all monitor your language based on your audience—avoiding curse words in front of kids, using bigger words in front of your boss—you obviously care about the impression your words give people. 

Do you avoid talking about the attractive sex after your bestie’s breakup? Congratulations, friend, you’re being a decent human being.

Your friend wishes you call them Charlie instead of Charlotte. It’s just a nickname. Would you say “No, your birth certificate says Charlotte so I’m calling you Charlotte?”

Your co-worker tells you that he gets extremely uncomfortable when you clap him on the shoulder, due to a creepy uncle who did the same thing. Do you make a point to clap him on the shoulder every time you see him?

It is really not that difficult to be “politically correct.” It does not mean that you must eliminate all opinions completely, it merely means—at a basic level—that you should attempt to be aware of your audience and how your words and actions affect them. 

Don’t call it being “PC,” if you must. Call it being “aware and empathetic.” Being a human with decency and respect for other people, cultures, and experiences.

^boom. couldn’t have said it better myself.

Half the time honestly, I tend to view “political correctness” as a trigger word people use to rail against basic good manners just because it focuses on minorities


An open Tumblr letter to younger fans, from a 77-year-old TOS fangirl





* who has shipped Spirk since that night in 1967 that Amok Time first aired
* and helped storm NBC to keep TOS on the air for a 3rd season
* and wrote fanfic way back in the day
* and was privileged to be around for the earliest days of fandom, when Leonard used to come to your house if that’s where the fan club was meeting and sit on the sofa with you in that Spock hair cut and eat cake

All of you who are writing TOS/AOS fan fiction and creating fan art now: remember, YOU are the ones shaping the traditions of fandom. You have inherited the kingdom. Bless you for keeping it vibrant, growing, alive. In fifty years, you will be the ones who are remembered for molding it and handing it down to the future. It probably doesn’t feel like now, but you are making history.

Your current addiction to TOS and the feels you get when you contemplate the love between Jim and Spock will be with you for life. It won’t always be in the forefront; you will sometimes go years, sometimes go a decade, without Star Trek being more than a passing thought. But then something will remind you and every consuming feeling you feel right now will come rushing back, every bit as powerful and deep and strong as it is today. All there, right where you left it.

The friendships you make in fandom will be with you for life. Like all friendships, they will wax and wane as the focus of your life shifts over time, but you will always be able to pick up the thread. You will — to give you a hypothetical example — be 77 years old and discover Tumblr and get a rush of Spirk feels after a decade of not giving TOS a thought, and contact your 83-year-old fangirl friend in the nursing home, to whom you haven’t spoken in several years. You will open the conversation with, “So, Jim and Spock love each other and that just makes me so happy.” And your friend in the nursing home will sigh and say, “Yes. They do love each other. It’s such a comfort.”

That look that Jim and Spock give each other, of absolute adoration and acceptance and love? That’s real. It’s rare, but it’s real. One of my greatest joys in life is to see my son and his husband give each other looks like that. Of course I don’t know you; I don’t know your strengths and struggles or your place on the spectrum of gender or anything about your sexuality or what you look like or what your life has taught you to believe about yourself, but I do know this: YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED AND LOOKED AT THE WAY JIM AND SPOCK LOOK AT EACH OTHER. Please don’t accept less than that in your life.

The future of our planet does not seem very hopeful at the moment. But please remember that when Gene created Star Trek, the world was in turmoil and the future seemed very bleak. Star Trek is, was, always shall be about hope. Reach for it. When TOS first aired, we hoped to see some form of a Starfleet on the horizon in our lifetimes. That vision must be passed on to you. Do it. Make the world worthy of launching the human race out into space. CREATE STARFLEET.

You are all creative and funny and amazing. Far more amazing than you know. Be kind to yourselves. Live long and prosper, kids.

Tags are in reference to my first bullet point. Meant as a kudos to your work, but feel free to untag yourself if you don’t want to be linked to my ramblings; I won’t be offended! (Also, this extends to a thousand other artists and writers out there who deserve kudos. tag at will.)

Aren’t you glad that this woman didn’t leave fandom once she graduated college/got a job/got married/had kids?

Do you get it now?

Im not in the Star Trek fandom but obviously this applies to all fandoms so I’m reblogging it

I watched plenty of Star Trek episodes as a kid, but I’m not in the fandom. I had a crush on Spock. The original post still applies to all things fannish.

People are “allowed” to be lifelong sports fans; other forms of fandom shouldn’t be any different. Assuming decent health, I’ll be fangirling about various media at 70-somethingーand beyond. With zero shame. (I’m 40 now.) Why shouldn’t we continue to enjoy our interests, whatever they are, as we age? Ageism is no better than any other ism. You can pry fandom from my cold, dead hands. ;)

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This is why Trump wouldn’t talk about the soldiers.

On top of his administration stupidly putting Chad on the Muslim ban and them withdrawing their troops from Niger.

We need answers.

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This kinda news makes my heart feel so warm 💕

Come through sis

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now this is perfect halloween content

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Gilmore’s Glorious (Witch) Hat of Disguise Collection, VM edition







why do so many “icarus and the sun” artworks and stories portray the sun as a woman? do y’all know who controlled the sun? apollo. icarus is gay as fuck, y’all.

Sometimes it was helios, not Apollo. Icarus was still gay as fuck

“Icarus we just escaped prison don’t ruin it by flying too close to the sun”

[Icarus already fucking launching himself across the sky for the sake of some godly dick]



Guy getting himself killed to get some godly dick is propably the most Greek thing to ever happen in mythology

icarus: I AM SO GAY *launches self into the sun*

October 23 2017

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brianwfoster: Blueicide Squad? Look, I’m no writer. Congrats to @matthewmercervoand @marisha_ray on their marriage!

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cr + text posts - scanlan edition

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